Virtual CO2 Summit 2021

Leveraging Supply Chains and Circular Economies

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Against a backdrop of continued tight supply chains, the focus on bridging gaps in carbon dioxide (CO2) supply has never dissipated. In many regions around the world, most notably in Europe and the US, history regularly repeats itself – supply chain interruptions, plant shutdowns, external headwinds, and a tightening market.

Coupled with ever-increasing applications growth, and CO2 markets often find themselves walking the same tightrope of supply.

Yet we find ourselves in a decade of change on so many levels, that create challenges, opportunities and change for the CO2 business itself. This is the decade of the circular economies.

As we press on in our journey towards deep decarbonisation and net zero, collaborative efforts across sectors are key and new, circular carbon economy business models present the opportunity for the CO2 business to leverage product supply from these new initiatives in carbon capture.

CO2 is utilised, supply chains are re-imagined and applications can continue to prosper. All while bringing net benefits to the world around us. The stage is set, then, for gasworld’s Virtual CO2 Summit 2021.

Building on the success of gasworld’s inaugural virtual event in December 2020, this February’s Virtual CO2 Event 2021 will take place on 10th February and will address the new climate the global CO2 business finds itself in.

Titled Leveraging Supply Chains and Circular Economies, the event will bring attendees up-to-date on traditional and new sourcing channels, the concepts and technologies behind the new circular economies changing the face of the CO2 business, and the vibrant applications scene that drives such demand. It will also address the ongoing quest for purity amidst this whirlwind of activity.

Much like gasworld’s in-person events, virtual conferences are built around an extensive agenda that includes keynotes, sessions, breakouts, and more.

When attending a gasworld virtual event you can expect one-to-one live chat and video meetings, live sessions and presentations, integrated social media channels as well as ‘real time’ delegate networking features. There are no limitations on interactivity. 


10th February 2021

Session 1 – Markets & Circular Economies

Session 2 – Sourcing & Purification

Session 3 – Vaccines, Dry Ice and Market Demand


Gary Robson

Unisensor Sensorsysteme GmbH, Sure Purity Ltd

Head of Sales - Beverage, Managing Director

Jennifer Willis-Jones

Fertiliser Week

Head of Nitrogen

Fabian Weber


Director Sales & Marketing Dry Ice Application

Sam A. Rushing

Advanced Cryogenics, Ltd


Asam Rafi

Carbon Clean

Vice President of Sales

Henrik Lyhne

Pentair Union Engineering

Global Sales Leader

Joshua Pringle


Vice President of Business Development

Wim Hugo Eeckelaers

Cold Jet

Chief Business Development Manager

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