Helium Dynamics - Trends, Technologies and the Supply Chain

gasworld hosted the world’s first-ever Global Helium Summit, entitled Helium Dynamics – Trends, Technologies and the Supply Chain, on 13th June (2013) at the prestigious Royal Garden Hotel in London.

The one-day summit provided helium experts and industry decision makers with a platform for discussion and debate concerning the current and future dynamics in the global helium supply chain – arguably the hottest of topics in the industry at the time.

gasworld exclusively announced in 2011 that the world was again facing a shortage of helium, a subject that was a crucial topic of conversation within the business, and consequently influenced many future business strategies and developments in hope to salvage the crisis.

In 2013 alone, various business developments commenced, stirring the way for major future changes within the industry, questioning; when will the shortage of helium end, how are we dealing with the shortage and how will future plans directly affect other stakeholders in the business i.e. production, equipment manufacturers, end-user and investors.

The summit discussed whether everything was being done to ensure the market recovered from its current situation at the time.

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